10 września

Czwartkowe przesłuchanie z M.W. Craven!


     Hej, hej! Kochani, czy czytaliście już "Witajcie w Puppet Show"? Bez względu na to, czy tak czy nie, chodźcie dalej, na wywiad z autorem!     

     Wspomniana przeze mnie książka jest naprawdę świetna. To było moje ogromne odkrycie i czekam niecierpliwie aż kolejne powieść M.W. Craven zostaną przetłumaczone na język polski. Jeśli nie czytaliście, to koniecznie musicie nadrobić, choć uprzedzam, że to dość brutalna, okropna historia. Natomiast każdy fan gatunku będzie się nad nią zachwycał!

     A teraz zapraszam na wywiad z autorem, który sprawił mi ogromną przyjemność chcąc odpowiedzieć na moje pytania! Z góry przepraszam jeśli nieco kaleczę język angielski!

Wystukane Recenzje: I must admit that "The Puppet Show" stole my heart from the first pages. At the moment, the first volume has been published in Poland, and how many books with Washington Poe are you planning to write?

M.W. Craven: In the UK there are three novels published – The Puppet Show, Black Summer and The Curator. There is also a short collection (Cut Short). Th 4th novel, Dead Ground, is ready now and the 5th, The Botanist is roughly finished. I’ll be starting the 6th on December 1st.

Wystukane Recenzje: Where did the idea for the story come from? Why is it so brutal?

M.W. Craven: The story came from the many stone circles we have in Cumbria, over 60 and more than anywhere else in the UK. I wanted to discuss them and I wanted to do via the medium of a crime novel. As for the brutality, that came from the plot itself.

Wystukane Recenzje: Where did Washington Poe come from? Does the hero have the features of any real people, maybe he is the sum of your character traits?

M.W. Craven: My wife misheard me say Washington Post, and when I had my name I had to invent a back story for him to explain why he had such an unusual name. I suppose there are parts of me in there, although I like to think I have a better grip on my temper …

Wystukane Recenzje: Have you always wanted to write? Or did it come rather with time?

M.W. Craven: I’d always wanted to be a writer but never thought I could be. This has all been a bit of a dram for me really.


Wystukane Recenzje: What is the most difficult part of writing any book?

M.W. Craven: I enjoy all parts of it – and I find things like plotting quite easy – but I like the proofreading part the least. This is because other than typos and errors, nothing can be changed and I ALWAYS want to change things …

Wystukane Recenzje: Why a crime fiction? Why not romance? 😉

M.W. Craven: I was a probation officer for 16 years so crime was a natural thing for me to write about. Also, I read a lot of crime books anyway.

Wystukane Recenzje: When you write, must you have peace, silence or, on the contrary, put on your headphones, turn on the music very loudly and then create?

M.W. Craven: I have to have music one, usually punk or heavy metal. Or if England are playing cricket, I’ll sit in front of the TV and type while it’s on

Wystukane Recenzje: Do you plan individual elements of your novels or does it come spontaneously while writing?

M.W. Craven: I sort of roughly know what I want to do although it rarely turns out like I thought it would. I know how I want to start and I know how I want to end. Everything else is up for grabs

Wystukane Recenzje: Where do you get your inspiration from?

M.W. Craven: Anything and anyone. The snallest thing, from a comment, a newspaper article to a smell or a sound.

Wystukane Recenzje: Who is the first to read your next texts?

M.W. Craven: My wife. She knows the characters better than me now so knows if something isn’t quite right.

Wystukane Recenzje: What books do you use for research?

M.W. Craven: For research I use police handbook, a medical disctionary and an anatomy book. Depending on the plot, I’ll buy whatever books I need. For The Botanist I read books on poisons.

Wystukane Recenzje: And what other hobbies do you absorb? I know that you play golf and fish. What gives you fun?

M.W. Craven: I go to as many concerts as I can – last year I went to Las Vegas to see Iron Maiden – and I like going to my local pub and to crime festivals up and down the country.

Wystukane Recenzje: Now the trap question! Paper book or e-book and why?

M.W. Craven: Paper books. I’m not snobby about ebooks as I know readers now consume their media in many different ways, but I seem to be able to concentrate better when holding an actual book.

Finally, I would like to ask if you plan to visit Poland one day? Maybe we could talk live

M.W. Craven: If my Polish publisher invites me, I’ll be on the next plane :)

Wystukane Recenzje: Thanks a lot for your time!


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